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md_8The clever radio programming and marketing ideas pouring from Mark Driscoll’s (Nicknamed “Mr. Voice” by Rick Dees) creative brain has successfully impacted a variety of stations and formats that has attracted and delighted listeners since he began his radio career on August 8, 1967.


Driscoll’s remarkable voice is heard on radio stations and TV networks across the country and abroad voicing trailers, national commercials and promos. Driscoll’s booming voice heard on the Dallas Cowboys Radio Network and in the aisles of Staples in all their cities. (“That was Easy”) is only a part of what was before and what would come. He’s the announcer on the Talk Radio Network for the popular nationally broadcast of Rusty Humphries Show…heard on several hundred stations and via satellite.


His creative, out-of-the-box approach to programming and image packaging energized the stations for EZ Communications, Evergreen Media (now Clear Channel), Charter Communications, Brandon Communications and Heftel Communications and earned him countless awards and speaking engagements. He was the Creative Services Director for Gannett Broadcasting in Los Angeles, where he continued to create entire new imaging concepts and ideas that would become to be known as “stationality” and impacted a never heard before ‘attitude’ for, KIIS-FM and many others.


If the U.S. had “passports for radio pros”, Driscoll’s would be inches thick, having worked in markets including New York City, Phoenix, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Detroit, Miami, D.C., Dallas, Kansas City, Boston, St. Louis and many others…seeming to always come up the winner.


An advocate in “street” research-based creative, Driscoll has seen the industry grow and change. He believes that the future is still promising, as long as the industry is accepting the rapid changes taking place today in the ‘New Media” and nimble enough to adapt.


Named to RADIO & RECORDS Magazine Top 25 Individuals that influenced radio in the past 25 years was a highlight for Driscoll, since the honor was decided by his peers. A mentor and colleague, Mark is, and never has been too busy to share his thoughts, leadership ideas and team spirit in an industry he loves.


Mediocrity was not an option from day 1…and still isn’t, 45 years later.

Sad because your station sounds like all the other stations in town? Same flat, boring read? Can’t distinguish country from alternative? Rock from talk?

new year… NEW VOICE!

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The imaging DNA of great radio stations

Think of radio as the "original social network". Primitive as it seems today, consider, that we didn't have cell phones, smart-phones, The Internet, texting, tweets, etc... The phone was the direct line to the radio station. The direct conduit between the station and the listener. Technology may have changed the way people listen and interact with radio, but imagination is still what connects your station to the listener.

Radio DNA: Issues a Challenge

After the 1997 release of Titanic, Avatar was supposed to begin production - but according to James Cameron, the technology to achieve his vision of the film didn't exist yet. Only 15 years ago, we were editing with grease pencils and splicing tape. Today, the digital generation, has grown up working entirely in the digital domain. Imagine what the future will sound like.....and push the limits of technology and creativity outside the boundary of safety.
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The way I see it…and hear it.

The NEXT NEW THING. That echoed in my head for hours. It’s a newly appointed PD, taking over a well-established station with solid roots in the [big] city. I admit, that after hearing the imaging, I immediately understood the reason for change. However, change to improve things makes all the sense in the world. The next new thing? Or, did he mean the next new style? Maybe, a fresh, different voice, okay, I get that. But the next new THING?

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DJ, PD, VP and Voice heard by the biggest cume audience imaginable!


New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia, Washington, D. C., Detroit, Miami,
Kansas City, Dallas, New Orleans, St. Paul-Minneapolis, Phoenix, St. Louis, Pittsburgh, Milwaukee, Indianapolis, Denver and many others.


WOR-FM (RKO General), WNBC (NBC), WHTZ -Z100, (Malrite), WWDJ (all New York City), KLOS-FM (ABC), KIIS-FM-Los Angeles (Gannett), KIQQ- K-100 (Drake-Chenult), Los Angeles, WLUP, Chicago (Heftel), WRKO, Boston (RKO General), WIBG (Buckley), WIOQ-Q102  (EZ), Philadelphia, WRC (NBC), Washington, D.C., WDRQ (Charter), Detroit, WMJX- 96X (Charter), Miami, KSLQ-St. Louis, KUDL (Starr), Kansas City, WHB, Kansas City (Storz), WNOE (Gov J. Noe), WAPE-Jacksonville (Kaplan/Ginsberg) (1977 & 1985), WRNO, New Orleans, KHYI (Y95) Dallas (Heftel/ Ginsberg), , WPOP- Hartford (Amuturo), KSTP, Minneapolis (Hubbard), KUPD, Phoenix,  WKTQ -13Q, (Heftel), Pittsburgh, WLUM (All Pro), Milwaukee, WBBF-Rochester, NY (Lin),  WZPL (Heftel-Wolt)-Indianapolis,  and others


VP/Programming- EZ Communications, including the start up of WIOQ-Philadelphia. VP/Programming- Evergreen Media; overseeing and including the startups of WAPE-Jacksonville, and KHYI (Y95)-Dallas. PD, WLUM-Milwaukee (All Pro), VP/Programming-Heftel/H&G Communications overseeing WZPL-Indianapolis, “The Loop”- Chicago, *Company merge with Scott Ginsberg owned AM/FM, Evergreen Media and Heftel, included additional responsibilities of Jacksonville and Dallas and Chicago, Co-PD and MD, WKTQ (13Q)-Pittsburgh (launch), Program Director, Charter Communications, programming: Miami and Detroit. PD, KSTP-St. Paul-Minneapolis (Hubbard), PD- WBBF (Lin), OM, WEDJ-Charlotte OM (Pyramid), WIBG-Philadelphia (MD), KITE, PD-OM, Corpus Christi, Group Program Director, Brandon Communications-Overseeing a variety of smaller-medium market stations in the Central Coast of California, Midwest and New York, Creative Services Director of Gannett Broadcasting, KIIS-FM, Los Angeles.

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