Radio DNA: The Great Ones


“The Great Ones / Cinematics” by Mark Driscoll

Produced by Brandon, Subliminal Radio, Los Angeles

As heard at the opening of the NAB Radio Show 2010: Where are the Writers, Wednesday, September 29, 2010

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The imaging DNA of great radio stations


Think of radio as the “original social network”. Primitive as it seems today, consider, that we didn’t have cell phones, smart-phones, The Internet, texting, tweets, etc… The phone was the direct line to the radio station. The direct conduit between the station and the listener. Technology may have changed the way people listen and interact with radio, but imagination is still what connects your station to the listener.

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Radio DNA: Issues a Challenge


After the 1997 release of Titanic, Avatar was supposed to begin production – but according to James Cameron, the technology to achieve his vision of the film didn’t exist yet. Only 15 years ago, we were editing with grease pencils and splicing tape. Today, the digital generation, has grown up working entirely in the digital domain. Imagine what the future will sound like…..and push the limits of technology and creativity outside the boundary of safety.

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The way I see it…and hear it.

test pattern

The NEXT NEW THING. That echoed in my head for hours. It’s a newly appointed PD, taking over a well-established station with solid roots in the [big] city. I admit, that after hearing the imaging, I immediately understood the reason for change. However, change to improve things makes all the sense in the world. The next new thing? Or, did he mean the next new style? Maybe, a fresh, different voice, okay, I get that. But the next new THING?

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